Lively lessons & conversation in pastry, breads and confections
Making brittle and fudge Making brittle

Pastry Craft demystifies baking and pastry in a friendly, open environment. You will feel comfortable asking questions, being creative, and yes, even making mistakes! (You'll learn how to fix them too.)

In Pastry Craft classes, you will:

  • Gain confidence in your baking and pastry skills.
  • Feel at ease and enjoy baking because it should be fun.
  • Troubleshoot baking problems.
  • Understand the science behind baking.
  • Discover Northwest produce, allowing you to create beautiful and flavorful desserts with the season.

People are saying...

"Laurie is a natural and very kind spirited teacher who quickly makes you realize that pastry making is about having fun! She instantly makes everyone feel at ease and welcome."
- Donna, Seattle

Baking and pastry are both a science and a craft.

The Science is in measuring the flour, yeast, water and salt for a rustic Italian ciabatta bread, as well as carefully watching sugar as it gently caramelizes for a rum caramel sauce.

Dark chocolate truffle ganache
The Craft is in your hands as you shape rounds of yeasted dough, your eyes while you bake perfect scones to a golden brown and your mouth as you taste a silky-smooth dark chocolate truffle ganache.

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