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Please fill out the form to help Pastry Craft learn more about you. We will do everything we can to accommodate your class date of choice. (Evening weekday classes generally start at 6:30 pm. Weekend classes can start as early as 10:00 a.m.) We'll get back to you quickly with available dates.

Have questions? Call Laurie at 206-819-9025 to discuss your class.

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This is the way to learn. Intimate, hands on classes taught in your home. Most classes are 3 hours in length. (Exceptions are noted on the list of classes.) *Rates include all ingredients and any needed small equipment.


Invite a group of friends into your home for a fun lesson. Plan a children's party or choose a class for your family and learn to cook together.

5 or more persons - $60/person
3-4 persons - $95/person


Semi-Private (2 persons) - $125/person
Private (1 person) $185

*Above rates apply to classes in the greater Seattle area. Rates outside the greater Seattle area will be determined according to location and travel time.

Gail and Lauren