"Laurie was a wonderful teacher...The presentation was so great that it made everything seem much easier than what I had anticipated. An amazing amount of material was covered in a very short time - all done with great organization and clarity."
- Pamela L., Seattle

"Last night I came away with a bunch of new and helpful information while having an excellent dinner and a lot of fun. I really like your teaching style. You were inclusive, understanding, and patient. Thanks again!"
- Linda L., Seattle and Salt Lake City

"I can't say enough great things about Laurie as a teacher--patient, perfectly paced instructions, LOTS of great baking tips about flour and other ingredients, which applied to scones and other baked goods, great for all levels of bakers, from beginners to experienced--she was the best!"
- Heidi R., Redmond

"Chef Laurie is one of the best pastry chefs I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her classes are informative, well organized, (and fun!) and when you leave you feel as if you can bake like a pro!"
- Karista B., Karista's Kitchen

"Laurie's classes are so much fun! They are structured so that they are easy to understand and follow, and the recipes are sophisticated and elegant. Every single one of her recipes, without exception, translated into complete successes in my kitchen."
- April, Seattle

"Laurie's enthusiasm for the craft of pastry is contagious...I always come out of her classes ready to create new pastries and with many more skills under my belt/apron."
- Maria Joao, owner of Maria's Desserts, Seattle

"In spite of the fact that I've enjoyed baking most of my life, I realized I was in the presence of a real professional. Laurie knows her craft backwards and forwards and she's able to convey what she knows in a clear, friendly and informative way. After learning how to bake Laurie's Apricot-Almond Sones, I don't think I'll ever want to eat or bake any other type of scone - and she made it so easy. Who knew?"
- Susie, Seattle

"Laurie really knows her stuff! The class was well-organized, easy to follow, hands-on, and a lot of fun! We all came out of her class inspired and ready to make the desserts we learned in class at home."
- Natalie, Seattle

"Laurie's baking techniques are amazing, and she makes them easy to learn for the novice... and fun, too!!!"
- Sandy, Seattle

"Laurie Pfalzer is... a great pastry artist. From the simple to complex, her body of knowledge, commitment, understanding and execution are without parallel...building a strong foundation of the "how's" and "why's" of her profession. Laurie's unique approach to her craft highlights her passion in sharing the rewards of connecting with others through her inspired creations."
- Roy Breiman, Culinary Director, Copperleaf Restaurant
(former Executive Chef/Food and Beverage Director, Salish Lodge and Spa)

"The creativity in her use of ingredients, flavor profiles, and in the presentation of her dishes is exceptional . . . and her enthusiasm is infectious. Laurie has a great way of transferring her knowledge to others."
- Carl Meyer, Residence Manager, Calistoga Ranch,
(former General Manager/Food & Beverage Director, Salish Lodge and Spa)

"I love Laurie's creative ideas and simple approaches to pastry making. She keeps the class easy to follow and fun...I will use the lessons I've learned for years."
- Velvet, Woodinville

"At first I was a bit intimidated by taking a pastry class with an expert like Laurie. But Laurie is a natural and very kind spirited teacher who quickly makes you realize that pastry making is about having fun! She instantly makes everyone feel at ease and welcome."
- Donna, Woodinville

"Laurie is personable, fun and a great teacher. She can break a complicated task into manageable steps, and then explain those steps both simply and precisely. Never intimidating, she loves pastry and excels at it, and knows how to get others to excel as well. And did I say fun?"
- Monte Peterson, former baker at King Arthur Flour Company

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chocoluate nut confection - This is my invariable advice to people: learn how to cook - try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun! Julia Child